58 Candles: the goals, the acknowledgements, and the up-to-date development of Bari’s Palace Hotel

A cloudy day, with odd rays of sun, greets the 58th birthday of Bari’s Palace Hotel. It is the hotel of presidents, movie and show business stars’ favourite, the best loved by the people of Bari… truly an institution. Back in 1956 it began a new and memorable chapter in the art of hospitality.

Today, the Palace Hotel tells of a solid bond with Russia, with the city’s academic, cultural, and artistic buzz – being the venue for exclusive and dedicated services. The multi-award-winning international breakfast and the renewed Murat Terrace complete the varied host of services. And lots more. 

Today – like yesterday – you live Bari, you live the Palace’s 58 “springs”.

Best wishes from all the Staff!

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