Take 1 at the Palace for the star of “Amici” [Friends]: the hotel has been chosen as the set of Max Orsi’s video

Maria De Filippi’s TV show spawns talents, many that have success are Apulian and once again Apulia is a film location.

Among these talents is Max Orsi: on Saturday 22 March, the finalist of the sixth edition of the programme will begin filming the official video in Apulia, by now a favourite location chosen by directors and actors to mount their locations, something like Cinecittà was in the past.

Bari’s Palace Hotel stands out among these; it is ready to accompany the notes of a topical and strong song and there is an atmosphere of expectation and anticipation.

Max Orsi is a signer-songwriter from Bari. His first album, “Vivo a metà” [Half alive], was distributed by Warner Music. This new CD comprises nine songs that make it intense and full of meaning. The songs are a musical concentration of his maturity gained after the experience of “Amici” coupled with superb musicality.

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