The Palace beats the crisis – 47 open-ended jobs

The Palace Hotel beats the crisis. And brings back 47 open-ended jobs. The good news came last night after the agreement signed with the trade unions whom Villa dell’Ombrellino, a company of La Cascina Group which since last June took over the management of the historical hotel in Bari, informed of its intention to cancel the job security agreement signed by the employees with the previous management. This provision was also adopted to “stimulate staff participation to the growth and promotion of the facility” and summarizes the nine months of the Palace Hotel’s new management. “We bet on quality and accepted the challenge to give Hotel Palace back to the people of Bari,” comments Riccardo Erbi, a board member of La Cascina Group.  “Today, after nine months of hard work, we can return the tranquillity to high level professionals that represent the added value of one of the city’s tourism reference points. We will continue to invest in Apulia and believe in the growth of a region that has a lot more to offer. This is not a point of arrival, but of departure.” Also the CEO of La Cascina Group, Mr. Salvatore Menolascina, expressed satisfaction: “a victory for the city of Bari, for Apulia, and for La Cascina Group, which, thanks to a clear strategy that places quality at the centre is ever more a point of reference for the growth of the areas in which it operates.”

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